Human Experience

photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers
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“My Body Aches, but my Spirit is Happy!”, these words from my friends 3 year old, made a huge impact on me.

Many years ago when I visited an Ashram in New York, the Guru (Gurumayi Chidvilasanda) said: ‘You have a body, you are going to have pain’, this stuck with me because I understood in that moment it was part of being human.

These days I don’t even see the occasional physical discomfort as pain, I see it as an awareness and that’s it.

Being human is a wonderfilled experience! However, it has many facets to it, our body is only a part of the experience. When this is understood, we can shift our perception of our experience and expand our view.

It’s like sitting in an air plane, while on the ground you have one perspective and when you reach a higher altitude you have another.  The higher altitude is like raising your vibration as well as perspective. When we connect to our higher self/Source energy/God/the universe we are able to open our hearts and minds, and the wholeness of this human experience is visible to us.  Now, our experiences are not so ‘dramatic’ and we can see solutions instead of problems.

We can feel the vastness of life and all it’s infinite possibilities. Life truly can be a magical experience, when we take the time to truly look at what is. Go for a walk and look at your surroundings, feel the breeze on your face, smell the fragrant air, feel the muscles in your body working for you, tune into the connection of your body to the earth. Ahhhh……

I have a passion for finding ways to share my life’s journey with others. Life is an amazing adventure, every single second of it! I truly believe meditation helps with opening our hearts and minds so we may experience our lives to the fullest.


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