Beyond Form


white concrete buddha statue
Photo by Pixabay on

Over the years I have watched myself evolve. When I look back at the events of my life, I can’t help wonder who that person is. It’s like a dream I had or a movie I watched. The things I remember doing and the thoughts I remember thinking are not anything I would do or think now.

I have read that time is not linear, it is simultaneous. When in meditation sometimes, I have experienced the truth of this for myself. Everything is happening all at once in this place. As I experienced it, this is not something my mind/ego can assimilate. However, when I look at this concept with my heart and with my  expanded self, I am able to comprehend this idea.

“In this moment there is no time. There is only now.”

I feel there is a transformation that is taking place within me, beyond form, beyond what I know to be true in this  moment.

Our minds are limited, our spirit/soul is infinite;

the truth lies in this moment  – the present.


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