Meditation and the Universal Law of Attraction

Meditation and the Universal Law of Attraction



Meditation plays an important role in manifesting your wants and desires.  It is the art of relaxing the body, and quieting the mind. We do this by first having the intention and commitment to taking the time to meditate. Once we have this intention, we learn to gently focus our mind on our breath/body and our intention. So when thoughts arise, we can lovingly remind ourselves to bring our attention away from the thought. The result will be a quieter mind.

Quieting the mind is clearing our mind from excessive thoughts. This helps to release any resistant thoughts that are holding us back from creating our desires. Once we are able to quiet our mind our vibration raises, which releases resistance to our desires.

With meditation we are no longer being guided by our ego/mind, we are now guided by our inner guidance; life force/God/source/our higher self. We are in control of our minds; meditation helps us see this fact. Our minds are our tools to use in this life.

Guided action can be in the form of creative ideas, impulses, inspiration or blocks of thoughts that show us how to handle an issue or certain situation. The power of the mind along with the Law of Attraction is very powerful and if used correctly we can use them to attract all that we want and desire.



Our thoughts begin in our conscious mind and whatever we believe will move into our subconscious mind. A belief is simply a thought that is repeated over and over. The subconscious mind is like our magic genie and it will accept anything that we feed it and it will carry out our every wish. So whatever we consistently think about whether it is real or imagined our subconscious mind will accept it is as the truth and the universal law of attraction will find a way to bring to us whatever it is that we desire.

For instance; if we say to ourselves, I have a feeling this is going to be a bad day, our subconscious mind along with Law of Attraction will see to it that we attract all the things and circumstances to ensure that our day go as badly as we believed that it would be. Or, if we consistently tell ourselves that we are broke and we do not have the money to go on vacation, or buy a new car, our subconscious mind will believe our words and those things will be kept away from us.

We are what we think about, our subconscious mind acts as our magic genie and our wish is it’s every command.

Being mindful of what we are thinking and wishing for is the key to manifesting our desires. This is where meditation comes in. It allows us to build a relationship with our thoughts, feelings and minds. When we learn the language of our bodies and minds, we learn to switch a thought that is of something we don’t want to something we do want.

The mental pictures that we let sink into to our subconscious mind will determine our vibration and once we get emotionally involved in the images of what we want, we will be sending out strong vibrations into the universe and with the Law Of Attraction we will attract to us all the things that we need in order to fulfill the mental pictures that we are feeding into your subconscious mind.

So as we go through life figuring out what we want and what we do not want, our subconscious mind along with the Law of Attraction will provide us with the necessary avenues or ideas that are needed in order to attract to us all things that we desire into our life.


5 thoughts on “Meditation and the Universal Law of Attraction

  1. Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really
    enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thank you so much!

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