Gift Certificates for Christmas


Christmas!! Wow it’s a month way. I know we’ve been warned about time speeding up, but I still get so amazed by it. 

So I gotta gear up the Christmas season, I’ve decided to sell gift certificates for Reiki/Channeling at a discount again this year. 

Health & Well Being is a common theme these days…..Yay!! So why not give the gift of Relaxation, Spiritual Connection, Balance, Rejuvenation and Love!

Reiki is a gentle healing and loving modality that is suitable for all ages and all conditions. There is a light comforting touch that allows a warm gentle energy to enter the body.  It can be used on it’s own or as a complement to other medications, supplements and treatments. It’s a gentle relaxation technique that stimulates the body’s innate healing ability that promotes mental, physical, and emotional balance. When we eliminate stress  or simply reduce it in our lives it leads to improved health and mental focus. Scientific research validates Reiki to relieve pain, speed healing, reduce stress and is widely used in medical centres, hospitals, cancer clinics, retirement and long term care facilities and in hospice care. 

Included in the 90 minutes sessions is a recording. During a Reiki Session, I enter the clients energy field and translate any messages from guides, angels, elemental beings and deceased loved ones. These messages are always comforting and confirming. 

Gift Certificates;

Buy 3 –  90 minute sessions for $300! You save $75 !!!

Buy 3 – 30 minute sessions for $135! That’s a $45 savings!

AND an introductory offer for Spiritual Counseling/Mentoring: $150 for 2 hours!

To purchase gift certificates;




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