Have you ever stood on a mountain and looked down to see the world from another perspective?

It is very difficult to understand what anybody else’s experience is. There aren’t enough words to really understand what anybody else is living. Physical beings want things to be the same. They want people to think the same. You work rather hard at sameness, but you will never win that battle because, from Nonphysical, diversity is known to be the most beneficial part of the game. ~Abraham

All too often we see life from only one vantage point and we tend to judge others for their perspective if it’s different from ours.

One day when I was sitting in a plane waiting to take off, I was looking at the people putting the suitcases on the conveyor belt; I could see the expressions on their faces. Then the plane started to move, I didn’t see those people anymore, we began to lift into the sky. Still looking out the window I realized how different everything looked. It looked nothing like it did when I was on the ground.

Everything changes when we look from a different vantage point. When I stay open to everyone’s perspective I see life differently. Are we meant to hold a judgment and close our minds and hearts to an other experience, or are we meant to see with ‘real-eyes’ all that life has to offer. How can I judge someone else’s way of seeing life? It is how they live their life, period.

I am human and I do get uncomfortable sometimes with experiences beyond my comfort level, but that still doesn’t mean that those perspectives of life are wrong or bad. When I have looked at someone who had thoughts completely different from mine and saw past the difference I was able to see the similarity, the oneness.

At this point in my life I do my best to see beyond the illusion of separation so I may see the connection. All of life is connected and we actually can see that when we ‘see’ from our hearts.

I am hosting a little seminar called; The Perspectives Seminar on Wednesday, November 27th. This is the 4th one I have hosted. Each time I have learned how different and the same we all are. The concept of these seminars is to share with an open mind and heart another person’s perspective of this life experience.  The speaker for this seminar is Dr. Nandini Daljit


You can attend this seminar by emailing me at:

4 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different website and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to exploring your web page repeatedly.

    1. Hello Joycelyn;

      I like your name by the way….Joy!
      I appreciate you following me. I feel so strongly that we are all here to share our path and what we learn on it.
      I am please to share this path with you. 🙂 ❤

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