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The past has no power over the present moment.”  Eckhart Tolle

The above quote says allot with so few words. What is the past? One answer, or perspective could be it’s an illusion, because time doesn’t exist. Another perspective could be that it’s over now, and dwelling on it only causes suffering.

The perspective I am prescribing to these days is; focusing on the present moment is where our power is.
Why? Because that is where our true essence is. When our minds are in the past what part of us is there? Our minds, and our minds only. So you could say the past is a figment of our imagination. When we are dwelling in the past, we are missing what is happening in the present.

Looking at it from an energetic perspective, it weakens us to be in the past and in our minds only. That’s not to say our minds aren’t amazing, they are! Our minds help us create this world.

This ‘present moment’ stuff seems to be a theme these days in my life. It’s so clear when I’m not present, my life doesn’t flow like it does when I am paying attention.

Attention to what?

Attention to life, attention on the energy of this experience as a human being. We can also call it awareness. When I am aware of where my feet are, where my mind is, what is all around me, there is a flow, a wonderfilled seamless flow, I have fewer thoughts, I’m connected to my body, and it’s easy to ‘see’ love in the people around me.

The present moment is our gift, in the now, we ‘see’ the truth of life. In the now, our minds are able to absorb the simplicity of truth. Now, we can breathe, now we can see all the possibilities, now we have choices. Being present doesn’t mean that we don’t use our minds, it actually helps us sort out the thoughts, because we can see them clearly. When we are in the past or the future, we are not conscious of all our thoughts, there are loops playing over and over again, which means we are creating our lives unconsciously. When we are sitting in the moment, there are no loops, we have a thought, and then it passes, or we change it.

It certainly is challenging to put into words my perspective of the now, because it’s constantly changing, but I do see that change. I think that is why sometimes, something ‘creeps’ up on me because I’ve been so unconscious that I’m surprised by the changes. I find that when I’m in meditation; completely present, nothing startles me. I don’t jump with sudden sounds, because nothing is sudden, it’s all now. When I am startled it’s because I had to be brought back to the moment.

I decided to write this article about the present moment because if I have any advice to give anyone that is struggling or suffering, finding a way to come back to moment will change that for them. There is NO suffering in the moment, no struggling, no pain. Being in the moment transforms the sensation of pain. Transform; beyond form. When we allow pain to dominate we hurt, when we are ‘with’ the pain in the moment that connection changes the sensation.

Having said all this, we are human, so we will go in and out of the moment. When we do find ourselves ‘elsewhere’ we can lovingly bring ourselves back. That is our human experience, being human and living as infinite spirit, what a ride!

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