I KNOW nothing


This morning I was thinking about what I know….I thought really, I don’t ‘know’ anything. Playing with words is fun to me, so one day I was playing with ‘know’. Since I started teaching Reiki, I see life as energy. How energy feels, how it looks and how people respond to it. When I look at the energy of the word KNOW, NO!, is restrictive and tight to me. When I feel the energy of ‘I don’t know’, it feels like possibilities to me, and it’s open. This is me playing.
So now I want to talk about my favorite subject; ME!
What do I know? Hmmmmm….for years I thought I was stupid. Well that is what society told me, Actually it’s what I heard because I didn’t finish high school so I am stupid. Nobody asked why I didn’t finish, it doesn’t matter, I didn’t finish so there is an assumption that I’m a quitter. There is a stigma around education these days. The kind of education I am interested in, and have been my whole life, is not taught in public school. I am interested in learning; flow of life, artistic expression, self worth, compassion, kindness, divine intelligence. That is why I busted my butt to put my daughter in a Private School for 11 years, but this school covered all of that. She learned about reverence there, she was exposed to teachers praying for her and her class mates. There was an energy that was ineffable around the connection to natural life. My daughter learned how to express herself artistically and came away with a deep appreciation for nature and the flow of life. I feel these are things we have to teach our children by example.
As I mature, I realize that I really don’t know anything for sure, because I am constantly evolving. Every day I learn something new about myself, and some days it feels like every hour I learn something new about myself. You see I feel I am more aware than I have ever been, aware of myself and aware of my surroundings. I see ‘life’ as a school, an everyday, every minute, and every second school. When I am aware I learn from anything and everything. I watch how I react or don’t react inside. For instance I may notice that I am feeling jealousy inside, so I watch it, this watching changes the emotion of jealousy to just energy that comes and goes. You see I’ve learned in this school of life that my mind is not in control of me, it’s the other way around. Now that was a very cool discovery I must say! You mean to tell me I/me am separate from my mind? Ya, I am an infinite spirit/soul, the essence of ‘me’ or ‘I’ is eternal and this gorgeous body is just part of this chapter, there is soooo much more. Wow, that really changes everything.
To take it further, this goes for everyone else on this planet. Everyone has an infinite soul and we are here for the experience of this lifetime. The earth has a soul and the universe is a soul!! So maybe that means that all of us are the same, we all agreed to come here at the same time to have this human experience. Could that mean we are all the same soul? Maybe…I really don’t know. I know how I feel, my own experience of all of this in this moment. When I feel we are all connected on a soul level than I feel compassion for others, I enjoy seeing them succeed and feel like I want to help empower them whenever I can. So, do I really know how everything works, no not at all, I know what I feel, and feeling love feels really, really good, so that is what I strive for; LOVE.


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