Going Within is the Answer

person on a bridge near a lake
Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

I’ve been feeling the pull of the energy of fear lately. It’s interesting how it manifests when I pay attention to it within myself. Sometimes it feels like it’s mine, my own thoughts, and other times I feel it’s not mine, not something I would normally be thinking about. So I watch it and feel it, then remember love. I remember who I truly am, my essence is love. So I can decide to make these fearfilled thoughts my own or I can go into my remembering of what the universe is made of: LOVE.

Collectively and individually we are powerful beings, our minds, our imaginations are how this world came to be. There are people who don’t like to hear that, because when they look out into the world they don’t like what they see.

The current system in power on this planet is not working, it hasn’t for a long time. I feel that is because people are waking up. They are waking up because the ‘universal life force system’ or the natural order of things is THE only system that works. When we push against it, we are pushing against natural law. Money is energy just like everything…..everything in the universe. Putting our attention on it as if it was real, as if it were ‘wrong’ will simply keep it going in the same direction it is going.

There are people waking up to what is real….LOVE…..there is more light on this planet than ever before. So that means that what was hiding in the dark is now illuminated and will not be able to hide anymore. So keeping our focus on the light brings more light. Choosing to be light brings more light, and allows others to see it as well. We don’t need to keep our focus on the lower human aspects of this life that created the ‘problem’, we keep our focus on the higher aspects of this human experience. We are not just physical beings, we are not just our mind/egos, we are magnificence. –awesomeness!! Let us remember this, and all the little details will fall in the direction of love. We humans have no idea what is truly in play in this universe, our small minds cannot even come close to comprehension of it. That is where awareness and faith come in. Paying attention in the direction of light and love will show us the way. Not our very limited minds.
I believe in love: seeing love in others…in life….being love….remembering in the intelligence of life….love….non-judgment.…..non-resistance for what is. That is the frequency I believe in. Love transforms anything! That is why we are here on this beautiful planet….to love it and everything on it. With love being the highest frequency; we all can do and be anything. When we allow love to be the driving force in our lives we tap into universal wisdom….not the human perception of right and wrong. When we come from love we only see love….not imperfection but perfection of the natural system that was here before us and it will be here after we are gone. Allowing love to lead the way raises our frequencies to the place that creates the change we need not the change our limited minds perceive.

There isn’t only one way….the possibilities are infinite! When we can remember that we are not separate from each other, when we stop pushing against each other and loving each other as ourselves will see true change. We are meant to do this together and to love each other as we are and love this planet as if it is part of us, because it is. Seeing what is happening ‘out there’ as separate from us, IS the problem as far as I am concerned. Looking outside of ourselves as THE problem, is the problem. Looking within and learning who we are will make the changes we are all seeking, because when we do that we learn who we are…we are one BEING! We are all in this together made of love. Remembering this truth will stop the wars, greed and the destruction of nature. I think we have to stop blaming and start going within; ALL THE ANSWERS ARE THERE.

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