Perspective of Truth



From where I sit writing this blog, I see over 7 billion possible perspectives of the truth of our existence. Not one person or organized group can say what the truth is, because it is always flowing and growing. There is an infinite amount of perspectives of how things work.

By letting go of any one idea our energy expands, our consciousness grows and from there the trust develops, the trust in the fantastic mystery of life. Hey we all love a good mystery right? So let’s embrace this one, who knows what’s going on here, but it can be allot of fun being in it.

I’ve been watching myself closely these days. In this watching I’ve seen things that I really didn’t know about myself before. It’s more fascinating than television or movies. There is a thought…right there I can see it, then I can see that I can choose to make that thought mine or watch it go by as if it doesn’t belong here. The recognition that I have a choice in every moment is empowering. To actually look with our real eye, our inner eye, gives us the ability to see the true essence of this life.

It’s not complicated, it’s not hard, and it’s not painful or even chaos. It’s ease, its flow, its peace and it’s love. Remember the first line I wrote….from where I sit? Why wouldn’t I see it that way if I have a choice.

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