Broken Heart, Open Heart



It’s all perspective

Falling in love last year after 11 years being single, was an amazing experience. I didn’t know I had the capacity to love so much.  My heart just kept on opening, and each time I was with him I couldn’t believe that I loved him even more.

Now my heart is broken, I literally have a physical pain in my chest.  I find that so interesting.  As I contemplated this sensation, I realized that my heart was open, I mean REALLY open.  This is wonderful! Yes, I still grieve the loss of the relationship, however what I am grieving is the potential of what I thought it could be.

What I didn’t realize is that what actually happened is I learned to love again. I learned I can love more than I ever thought possible.  So I allow the grief, in gratitude of the amazing love I experienced. I feel more connected to me, I feel more aligned with God, and I feel like a better person because of it.

There was a time in my life, when I got hurt, I closed off and it created havoc and disease in my life. It hurt so much I didn’t want to experience pain again. Now I don’t exactly welcome the hurt, but I see it so differently. I see it as the whole reason I am here in this human suit, to love as much as possible, all the time.

I am here to love.  Period. I am the love I want to see in the world. I completely believe what the amazing John Lennon said: “All you need is love”.  I will take it further to say, all we ARE is love….all we are is love!

Because of this devastating heartbreak, I am more open than I ever was, and I am actually excited for what the future holds. Now I know that the more I love, the more I can love!!

2 thoughts on “Broken Heart, Open Heart

  1. This is a great story. I actually lost my partner 3 months ago after 11 years of bliss. Our relationship was all about love. We were to get married on May 22nd this year. Illness took him away. At first I was angry that a love that grew to such levels of insight and growth was taken from me. In this last week I have been coming to the realization that his departure from this earth plane was a sacrifice he made so that I would go even deeper into the purpose of my life mission. To love opening and to love all those around me and to teach the wisdom that my soul has learned throughout all my lifetimes! Your story was very touching. Love is all there is!

    1. Dear Christine; Thank-you so much for your message. I do believe we are on this path of life to share it with others. I’m thrilled to know what you learned from your experience and that you are sharing it with others. Thank-you for being in your fullness. Life is love and love is life.

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