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I just got home from a 2 ½ hour coffee meeting with my friend Laurel. I walked away feeling very inspired, I didn’t know my batteries were low until our connection powered them up again.

Laurel posed an interesting question to me; why is self-love such a big subject, we came into this world loving ourselves, what happened?

This question lingered within me, on my walk home a possible answer to that question came up;

Because we are a lazy society!

As I thought about it, I realized that we have always had authority figures telling us what to do, and when we don’t do as they say we are reprimanded and told we are not good enough. Over centuries of this we have become complacent, as a whole. Of course, there are many individuals who have gone against societal norms, but in general we have become sheep.

The truth is, we are awesome!! We as a population on this planet have amazing powerful abilities. The way to tap into them may seem like work to us, because of the ‘lazy’ factor. But essentially, if we decide that we want to tap into our awesomeness, we must do some ‘work’. Of course, if we truly have a strong desire, it’s not really work at all. Loving ourselves is an absolute must to make a difference.

Be the LOVE you want to see in this world.

For example: When I spend time with people who love themselves, who are comfortable in their own skin, I feel it and my being interprets that as a reflection of me. I walk away feeling good about myself, because I was in the energy of ‘feeling good’. If I am around someone who doesn’t like themselves or feels badly in that moment and I am not present to how I am feeling, I may walk away feeling badly about myself.

The work is:  stop letting our minds take over and boss us around, just as authority figures have done. To make a difference we must begin to pay attention to what’s going on inside of us. Looking within is the only place we will find answers, the only place we will find peace of mind and love. We will not find self worth outside of ourselves, no one or no thing can guide us to the truth of who we really are. When we seek outside of ourselves for love its temporary, it’s finite. When we look inside of ourselves that is where we tap into infinity.

Our souls always remember the eternalness of our existence.

Do you know what you think about most of the time? Are you aware that there are thoughts that are repeated constantly, like a ferris wheel going around and around until we have pain or strong emotion?

It’s time to take the wheel of our car and start to steer ourselves. We do that by learning about ourselves, by going within. Some call it; contemplation and mindfulness. Paying attention to what we think without judgement, observe the patterns, again without judgement. By doing this we begin to see why we have created the life that we have. We begin to see that our thoughts are from old beliefs that just are not true.

Bringing ourselves into this moment, the place of our true essence can reveal to us what has been controlling us all this time. We can take the wheel and decide what we want to think, we can decide to tap into our awesomeness which is our innate divinity.

Like Laurel said: we were born loving ourselves. I will take it further and say we were born pure love!

This is not to say that we are wrong or bad because we forgot that, we just lost our way and at this crazy challenging time we are being literally forced to remember that! Which is very exciting to me. There are now authority figures in this world that are showing us very plainly that we have been sheep and that authority figures are no longer the boss of us. We are seeing people act like absolute idiots to reflect to us our inner idiotic side. At the same time, we have authority figures that are reflecting the loving, reverent, respectful side of us. Yes, we do need the contrast to wake us up. Are we paying attention?

The change starts from within.

I propose we embrace our laziness, love it like it’s our inner child and say: I love you, thank-you, it’s time to expand, it’s time I become the boss of me. I want to shine like a star, twinkling brightly on whoever looks upon me.

Let’s be mindful of our thoughts, we can take time to BE with our inner beings, and hey sometimes that does mean sitting on the couch and watching a movie, but the difference is, we can  do it consciously, we do it because we love ourselves, not because we feel overwhelmed by the world and want to escape. When we feel love for ourselves, we don’t want to escape and we naturally emanate love.

When we love, our inner being we naturally expand our Sacred Vibration.

Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things.  Meaning lies in us.” ~ Marianne Williamson

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