sunrise Betty3

I decided to pull a card today from ‘Return of Spirit’ Cards by: Cheryl Lee Harnish

You are one of the loving spirits who has come to be in service to humanity this life time.  This strong desire and need to give to your fellow man is embedded deep within your soul’s blueprint you play an important role in this cosmic plan. This card has come to you today as spirit’s way of giving you a much-needed reminder that you hold a great worth and value.

You can not longer question whether you are worthy or if you have value in this world.

We all look to our physical world for confirmation.  We question whether we are good enough, wanted and needed. We want the world to tell us that we are doing well and that it wants what we have to offer. But your value and worth cannot come from anyone or anything outside of you.

Just as you are, right now in this moment you are enough. Is time for you to begin to understand your own worth and value.

Spirit is asking that you start now, to understand just how important you are.

Ask yourself: How much would you value someone who was as kind to you as you to others? If you met a person whose inner heart was as caring and loving as yours, would you value them in your life? If someone gave to you as you give to others, would you value it?

Of course, you would.

You need to see yourself-see just how valuable you really are. Your worth does not come from what you do or how you behave. Your worth comes from the fact that you are part of the God-Source. Once you fully realize this you will play an invaluable role in helping others to discover their own worth too.

This subject has come up allot lately in my ‘contemplation’ time. Do I have feelings of unworthiness?

With this question swirling around, I observe others, and listen to what they find important to talk about. There is allot of ‘unworthiness’ in this culture. Although I have also observed many movies, blogs, talks and books, about this very subject. That is something to be grateful for, this means it’s coming to the surface for all who are ready to see the truth of who they are.

For me personally, I’ve noticed in my 58 years of being a human at this time, I have had many, many periods of being conscious of my low self esteem. I’ve also noticed that when I look back for a bit to see how far I have come; I can see where this unworthiness comes from.

Gratitude fills my being when I remember how far I have come, and that I continue grow and will continue to grow. There is also a sense of relief when I bring to my awareness that this is all for me. Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me to grow, because that was the initial plan before I came here. So, how can I regret or feel anger, shame or low self esteem, when it’s all part of the divine plan.  I am part of this amazing universe, I am the creator of my life, and so far, I feel like I’m doing well.

Imagine feeling consciously aligned with life-force energy all the time? Can it be done? Well I aim to find out, I believe that it can, there are many beings on this planet that have achieved that.

I feel that the first step towards regular conscious alignment is to make our vibration a priority. If we always decide to feel good, to reach for a better feeling thought we will train our mind to a different way of being.

When we have the intention to pay attention to how we feel, then the law of attraction will meet the ‘good feeling’ more and more. It will say: ok, you want to feel good all the time, here are somethings to feel good about, here are some more. Feeling good is our innate state of being, just look at babies, they laugh, they are curious, they express themselves completely. Why would be born that way if we weren’t meant to be that way? I’m reminding myself that Life is the way it is, period. The human mind wants to ‘make it better’ however, life is perfect…. absolutely perfect as it is. If you don’t’ see it that way then it won’t be that way. I so adore the simplistic version of truth because it feels good.   So, if I make a priority to always feel good then I must shift my perspective so I can see other options of being.

When I feel good most of the time, and I remember the simply truth about this life; To Feel GO(O)D, I don’t have feelings of unworthiness, that doesn’t mean I don’t have those thoughts, they still come, but now I don’t believe them.


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