A Channeled Message of Love



I am a conscious channel, who feels my mission is to assist in the emergence of light that is available to us all, that is within us all, that we are all a part of. I open up my awareness to the field of LOVE and I translate what I see, hear & feel to best of my ability.

The following is one of the transmissions: 


We are here with you, some of you may not feel our presence, but please know that your presence will open the door to this connection. Spending more time than you do now in the present moment, will open up the view, so to speak.

Paying attention to your thoughts and identifying the thoughts that are not serving and those that are, helps bring you into the present moment.

What is the present moment? Simply put, it is the connection to the life force that drives this universe. It is possible to enter into the present for longer periods of time. These periods of time will strengthen your connection to the divinity within you, to the life force, that is this universe.

So, some tips from us will be as such; make certain tasks in your daily life, the tasks that you will be aware of the divine, being present. For instance; brushing your teeth, having a bowel movement, showering, dressing, cleaning; these moments are perfect for participating in this vital practice.

Essentially, we are in the present moment and we are here to help you through the next phase of your life, anyone who reads this…it is meant for you.

Now; your human experience gives you pain, joy, laughter, peace, stress, sadness and so on….all of it and we mean all of it,  has a purpose. Know that this IS what the human experience is about. It will not always be joyfilled, no matter who you are or who you believe someone else is or how you believe you must be.

Being human is for these experiences. Now humans tend to always look toward a different experience, which takes them out of the moment, and there is suffering. Suffering truly is not necessary. You will have pain, you will have sadness, you will have grief, but suffering is an option.

All these experiences that are not joyfilled, are because you do not dance in the moment. In the moment, you can feel joy while in pain, yes, ….yes it’s true, that divine connection that is so readily available to you will allow you to see or feel the essence of who you are, in this essence there is no suffering. Because the knowledge that joy is always within, is there.

Joy for being human can be something that will help you through the ‘troubled’ times. Truly. It is that simple.  And complicated, all of you are aware of the changes on this planet and this universe.

You will get through this, you will thrive, if it is something you want and something you are willing to experience anything for.

You are loved and supported in always.”



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