Change is in the air


Change is in the air, summer is officially over and fall is upon us, many of us are feeling big changes within as well.

How do we navigate these winds of change?

I honestly don’t know the answers for others, I do know for me, I do my best to bring my awareness to the present moment as often as I can and in doing so I am cultivating a space in which I have access to my higher self , to all that is, to my divine power.

Sounds good right?! Well, lately it’s been more challenging than usual to maintain that connection to the moment, thoughts that don’t serve seem to take over.

I remind myself that every new day I have an opportunity to change how I think, I have a new opportunity to change my perspective of who I am and who others are in my life. I can start with a clean slate; on a daily basis, when I meditate either before sleep or upon waking, I am open to the possibility for a higher frequency, therefore  I am aligned with my divine self.

There is a strong need for us to meditate, to go within, to become more mindful and aware of our thoughts and habits.  

Consistent meditation takes dedication, it takes discipline but most of all it takes a clear idea of what it is that you want out of life.

So, what is my Why in ‘Why do I meditate?’

Do I want well-being?

Is Peace of Mind what I am longing for call?

Do I want to feel free?

Do I want to see the world wake up?


Sometimes I am clear on my why’s and sometimes it gets blurred, but something I do know;

When we wake up, when we become aware of our essence, our eternal beingness, we make a difference on this life.

Awareness is KEY, not only for those around us but for the entire collective on this beautiful planet. Of course we will have feelings of sadness, when we hear what is going on around the world; destruction of nature, children separated from their families, the careless greed, but this sadness we feel is energy, everything is energy  that we can breathe through, that we can witness and allow it to flow, so it may leave; this is called surrender.


Everything is energy and energy is always moving, when we are not flowing, we are resisting.

In the ‘allowing’ space we come back to the present moment and it’s in this powerful HERE AND NOW that we make a difference. That’s not to say if we have the financial capability that we don’t use it to assist, or if we can physically do something, that we don’t do it; these inspirations come about from clarity in the moment. Our energy/frequency grows, heightens, strengthens every time we bring our awareness back to here and now. Each time we return to remembering our divinity, to this present moment; we are strengthening within us a habit of well-being, a habit of clarity, a habit of connection, and a habit of loving all that is.

There is a strong need for us to meditate, to go within, to become more mindful and aware of our thoughts and habits.

Tip on how to stay in flow;

Find statements or words that have to do with your desire, write them down and memorize them. When you find yourself dropping back into old patterns; take a deep breath and remind yourself.

E.g. let’s say a thought of ill health arises, you can repeat, I love my body,

I am healthy and vibrant. We can rewrite the unconscious program. Remember

It took time to get to the place you’re in, and it will take time to reprogram the mind.

We are in this together! Know that you are not alone, and you are deeply loved.

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