About Debra

Debra Harding is a Mother, Reiki Master/Teacher, energy translator, up-lifter, Intuitive Counselor, meditation facilitator, writer and a lover of life. She has been on the spiritual path for most of her life. As a child she always ‘knew’ that there was something ‘off’ about how life was been presented to her.
In her early 20’s she was introduced to her biological father, who is a spiritual teacher (Burt Harding). He introduced a whole new perspective to her. Through a near death experience in 1986 Debra experienced the truth of life that is beyond words. In 1995 she attended the Siddha Yoga Ashram in the New York Catskill Mountains to experience & learn meditation.
Debra learns by ‘teaching’, even though it became clear to her that everyone and everything is her teacher, she knew that she had a gift of sharing what she is learning along the way. Since 2004 Sacred Vibrations was formed and has provided services that assist others in the expansion of being. In 2009 Burlington Meditators was born to gather people together to meditate and sit in peace with each other.
Most of my life I have been on a spiritual path
and I enjoy sharing my journey along the way.
I am passionate about assisting in the
emergence of the light that is within all of us.’
Debra is a fantastic source of wisdom and support. From our first meet she engendered in me a strong propelling desire to stay strong on my path and keep my head up… without saying very much! Her presence is a perfect match for keeping me inspired and steadfast when I may have felt faltered. I highly recommend that those searching for a compassionate, truthful guide to help discover their own capabilities for creating their life in the way they desire pursue the support of Debra. Thanks so much!”

Contact Debra: sacredvibrations@gmail.com

Phone: 905-617-7983

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