Broken Heart, Open Heart



It’s all perspective

Falling in love last year after 11 years being single, was an amazing experience. I didn’t know I had the capacity to love so much.  My heart just kept on opening, and each time I was with him I couldn’t believe that I loved him even more.

Now my heart is broken, I literally have a physical pain in my chest.  I find that so interesting.  As I contemplated this sensation, I realized that my heart was open, I mean REALLY open.  This is wonderful! Yes, I still grieve the loss of the relationship, however what I am grieving is the potential of what I thought it could be.

What I didn’t realize is that what actually happened is I learned to love again. I learned I can love more than I ever thought possible.  So I allow the grief, in gratitude of the amazing love I experienced. I feel more connected to me, I feel more aligned with God, and I feel like a better person because of it.

There was a time in my life, when I got hurt, I closed off and it created havoc and disease in my life. It hurt so much I didn’t want to experience pain again. Now I don’t exactly welcome the hurt, but I see it so differently. I see it as the whole reason I am here in this human suit, to love as much as possible, all the time.

I am here to love.  Period. I am the love I want to see in the world. I completely believe what the amazing John Lennon said: “All you need is love”.  I will take it further to say, all we ARE is love….all we are is love!

Because of this devastating heartbreak, I am more open than I ever was, and I am actually excited for what the future holds. Now I know that the more I love, the more I can love!!

BE the love you want to see in the world

love workshop

Love IS….

It’s always present

It’s unlimited, eternal & infinite

Love lies within

When we love ourselves with no rules or conditions- purely and openly, we will be able love all of life.

Life is LOVE

When we appreciate everything in our lives, we can love.

Appreciation opens up the gates of love.

When I see you in the light of appreciation, my heart opens and divine love expands.

Looking with the eyes of love we see the beauty we have come here to experience.

Appreciation is the experience of love and love is the experience of the essence of you.

Love IS the quintessential experience of life. When we are able to open up to let the love flow we are truly living.

As we see life with love we expand our view, we are able to see beyond the veil that has been blurring our view for so long.

Allow the love within to clear the fog, to shed the light in your vision of this magnificent life.

As you look into the world with love, you see with clarity what life was meant to be; fully experienced with all its diversity. As you see love all around, those around you will also experience love. As your ability to love grows so does the light in the world.


In Divine Love;





Over the years as I grow more and more into loving myself, I have noticed that the word ‘love’ is very watered down these days. At the same time it’s a great thing to hear so many people saying ‘I love you’ to each other, it’s amazing actually.

LOVE is a feeling, a concept, a gift, a gesture, all powerful, transformational, it’s divine~ LOVE is the force of all life. Remembering that one fact gives me a sense of peace.

If love is the driving force, then everything is as it should be right? I am love, you are love, the trees are love and so on. So why don’t we feel this love all the time?

Just because we don’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there it simply means we don’t feel it.  Awareness is the key. When we tune into the universal flow of life we feel the driving force of love.

Being a teacher of Reiki for over a decade has taught me that love is ever present, all I have to do is tune in to it. We also must remember the fundamental fact that we are part of this driving force of the universe, so if we don’t feel love, we are the ones separating ourselves from the divine energy. We really do have the power to turn it on and off.

Loving one’s self is about awareness, this is how we feel the flow of this amazing life. Being aware is about being present; paying attention to this moment brings us to the divine flow of life/LOVE.




The Gift of NOW

“Perpetual Consciousness is closer than the breath, closer than the heartbeat-it underlies and permeates everything, everywhere, at all times. “ By MSI from the book: First Thunder, An Adventure of Discovery


As I look at the connection of all things, I see the magical beauty in this universe. So often we hear the words, Oneness, unity, connectedness. But do we truly know what that implies? It actually means absolutely everything, everything…all things are ONE. This is one of those things that the mind/ego cannot comprehend. Through meditation however, through sitting in the heart, this kind of perspective feels natural and real.

So, if absolutely everything is connected it doesn’t mean that ‘well yes, I see how this and this is connected but that can’t be, it’s too horrible’. This is a concept that isn’t clarified totally by thought, it is felt through beingness and heart centred thought, meaning; allowing the heart to show us how it is. This is not in words, it is truly ineffable. But I am giving it a good shot here to explain even a little part of this truth I have come to experience. If ‘it’s too horrible’ to us then we are judging, we are resisting what is. It’s so interesting when looked at energetically; resisting the NOW is simply resisting period. In resistance our energy field is contracted and our ‘vision’ impaired. In the present moment our energy is expanded and all possibilities are in our view. In our expanded state we can see how interwoven every little thing is. So many of the people that come to me for sessions and classes express their excitement as they relay their awareness of all the synchronicities they have discovered in their life. That is just the beginning! The more aware we become the more we want to stay present because this sense of now feels like home and so blissful no matter what is happening. Yup, no matter what! Even in a tragic moment, presence brings us clarity and peace. Accepting what is, is empowering. We can still have emotion in the moment, but it’s a flow rather than a resistance. As a matter of fact the ‘tragic’ situation, isn’t tragic, it simply is what is.

I can understand how this perspective can feel too ‘out there’ but with mindfulness practices and meditation, the stillness shows us the essence of life that cannot be comprehended intellectually. It is only through embracing our true nature can we see beyond the human concepts and enjoy this life the way we are meant to.

Perspective of Truth



From where I sit writing this blog, I see over 7 billion possible perspectives of the truth of our existence. Not one person or organized group can say what the truth is, because it is always flowing and growing. There is an infinite amount of perspectives of how things work.

By letting go of any one idea our energy expands, our consciousness grows and from there the trust develops, the trust in the fantastic mystery of life. Hey we all love a good mystery right? So let’s embrace this one, who knows what’s going on here, but it can be allot of fun being in it.

I’ve been watching myself closely these days. In this watching I’ve seen things that I really didn’t know about myself before. It’s more fascinating than television or movies. There is a thought…right there I can see it, then I can see that I can choose to make that thought mine or watch it go by as if it doesn’t belong here. The recognition that I have a choice in every moment is empowering. To actually look with our real eye, our inner eye, gives us the ability to see the true essence of this life.

It’s not complicated, it’s not hard, and it’s not painful or even chaos. It’s ease, its flow, its peace and it’s love. Remember the first line I wrote….from where I sit? Why wouldn’t I see it that way if I have a choice.

Reiki & a Burning Desire

It truly is thrilling to see Reiki becoming so popular. When I first discovered it in 1991, I wondered; “Does everyone know about this? Well they should!!” It had a very powerful impact on me, my entire life changed after my level one class.
Now I have the amazing opportunity to share it with anyone who wishes to tune into this divine energy. I’ve learned so much over the years about energy and continue to do so, it never ceases to amaze me.
One of the wonderful aspects of Reiki that I like is that every practitioner you go to will do it slightly different, because Reiki is the energy we channel through us so our human filter will always be different, the possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect modality that compliments any other holistic modality; it kind of gives a power boost to anything we choose to do.
Last year I was sort of on a sabbatical, I was taking time for me. From that year I learned that I need to do that all the time. So I have incorporated ‘time for me’ into my daily life. It’s become more of a priority than ever before. What I see happening while doing this is I feel healthier, I even feel I’m getting younger.
I was passionate about Reiki before, but now it’s even more of a burning desire within me to share this wonderfilled modality.
I’d like to share this quote by Wayne Dyer from his book; Wishes Fulfilled;

I have a burning desire, an inner flame that will not be extinguished by outside forces, to know and live from higher regions, to be transformed so that my new concept of myself will not longer include any limitations. I am willing to challenge and change any thoughts that impede my having a higher vision of myself.”

For me this quote reminds me that without this ‘burning desire’ we really can’t get too far on this spiritual path or personal development path, because it’s the intention that drives the energy, it’s the frequency we are already in, that manifests the energy in the material world.

Reiki is not something we just learn in a class, it is a lifelong learning that never ever ends, it becomes who we are. When we find that burning desire we can tap into this life force energy to create our world the way we want it. That doesn’t mean we always know what it is we want per say, it means that this burning desire will bring clarity, passion, compassion, gratitude and divine love into our lives. In other words we as a human being may think we know what we want, but the expanded version of us is connected to the universal mind and IT will show us what our soul desire is when we are open to it. Reiki helps us with that, it connects us to our higher calling.

Going Within is the Answer

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I’ve been feeling the pull of the energy of fear lately. It’s interesting how it manifests when I pay attention to it within myself. Sometimes it feels like it’s mine, my own thoughts, and other times I feel it’s not mine, not something I would normally be thinking about. So I watch it and feel it, then remember love. I remember who I truly am, my essence is love. So I can decide to make these fearfilled thoughts my own or I can go into my remembering of what the universe is made of: LOVE.

Collectively and individually we are powerful beings, our minds, our imaginations are how this world came to be. There are people who don’t like to hear that, because when they look out into the world they don’t like what they see.

The current system in power on this planet is not working, it hasn’t for a long time. I feel that is because people are waking up. They are waking up because the ‘universal life force system’ or the natural order of things is THE only system that works. When we push against it, we are pushing against natural law. Money is energy just like everything…..everything in the universe. Putting our attention on it as if it was real, as if it were ‘wrong’ will simply keep it going in the same direction it is going.

There are people waking up to what is real….LOVE…..there is more light on this planet than ever before. So that means that what was hiding in the dark is now illuminated and will not be able to hide anymore. So keeping our focus on the light brings more light. Choosing to be light brings more light, and allows others to see it as well. We don’t need to keep our focus on the lower human aspects of this life that created the ‘problem’, we keep our focus on the higher aspects of this human experience. We are not just physical beings, we are not just our mind/egos, we are magnificence. –awesomeness!! Let us remember this, and all the little details will fall in the direction of love. We humans have no idea what is truly in play in this universe, our small minds cannot even come close to comprehension of it. That is where awareness and faith come in. Paying attention in the direction of light and love will show us the way. Not our very limited minds.
I believe in love: seeing love in others…in life….being love….remembering in the intelligence of life….love….non-judgment.…..non-resistance for what is. That is the frequency I believe in. Love transforms anything! That is why we are here on this beautiful planet….to love it and everything on it. With love being the highest frequency; we all can do and be anything. When we allow love to be the driving force in our lives we tap into universal wisdom….not the human perception of right and wrong. When we come from love we only see love….not imperfection but perfection of the natural system that was here before us and it will be here after we are gone. Allowing love to lead the way raises our frequencies to the place that creates the change we need not the change our limited minds perceive.

There isn’t only one way….the possibilities are infinite! When we can remember that we are not separate from each other, when we stop pushing against each other and loving each other as ourselves will see true change. We are meant to do this together and to love each other as we are and love this planet as if it is part of us, because it is. Seeing what is happening ‘out there’ as separate from us, IS the problem as far as I am concerned. Looking outside of ourselves as THE problem, is the problem. Looking within and learning who we are will make the changes we are all seeking, because when we do that we learn who we are…we are one BEING! We are all in this together made of love. Remembering this truth will stop the wars, greed and the destruction of nature. I think we have to stop blaming and start going within; ALL THE ANSWERS ARE THERE.

Is there a quick fix?

Krystin meditating

Where we are is where we are.

To look at it as a problem, makes it a problem.

Seeing it as it is, a moment in time will help move it through.

However, BEING with it, feeling it without believing it, will change it quicker.

Do we have to suffer? No! It’s always a choice.

Why would we choose suffering?

Perhaps it’s fear simply fogging up the window of opportunity. Perhaps it’s a pattern that has become comfortable.

Or perhaps it’s all part of the divine plan.

Whatever it is….look at it, feel it in the eternal moment, so you may connect directly with the divine source of life.

If ever there was a quick fix, this is it….remembering who you are IS the key.



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The past has no power over the present moment.”  Eckhart Tolle

The above quote says allot with so few words. What is the past? One answer, or perspective could be it’s an illusion, because time doesn’t exist. Another perspective could be that it’s over now, and dwelling on it only causes suffering.

The perspective I am prescribing to these days is; focusing on the present moment is where our power is.
Why? Because that is where our true essence is. When our minds are in the past what part of us is there? Our minds, and our minds only. So you could say the past is a figment of our imagination. When we are dwelling in the past, we are missing what is happening in the present.

Looking at it from an energetic perspective, it weakens us to be in the past and in our minds only. That’s not to say our minds aren’t amazing, they are! Our minds help us create this world.

This ‘present moment’ stuff seems to be a theme these days in my life. It’s so clear when I’m not present, my life doesn’t flow like it does when I am paying attention.

Attention to what?

Attention to life, attention on the energy of this experience as a human being. We can also call it awareness. When I am aware of where my feet are, where my mind is, what is all around me, there is a flow, a wonderfilled seamless flow, I have fewer thoughts, I’m connected to my body, and it’s easy to ‘see’ love in the people around me.

The present moment is our gift, in the now, we ‘see’ the truth of life. In the now, our minds are able to absorb the simplicity of truth. Now, we can breathe, now we can see all the possibilities, now we have choices. Being present doesn’t mean that we don’t use our minds, it actually helps us sort out the thoughts, because we can see them clearly. When we are in the past or the future, we are not conscious of all our thoughts, there are loops playing over and over again, which means we are creating our lives unconsciously. When we are sitting in the moment, there are no loops, we have a thought, and then it passes, or we change it.

It certainly is challenging to put into words my perspective of the now, because it’s constantly changing, but I do see that change. I think that is why sometimes, something ‘creeps’ up on me because I’ve been so unconscious that I’m surprised by the changes. I find that when I’m in meditation; completely present, nothing startles me. I don’t jump with sudden sounds, because nothing is sudden, it’s all now. When I am startled it’s because I had to be brought back to the moment.

I decided to write this article about the present moment because if I have any advice to give anyone that is struggling or suffering, finding a way to come back to moment will change that for them. There is NO suffering in the moment, no struggling, no pain. Being in the moment transforms the sensation of pain. Transform; beyond form. When we allow pain to dominate we hurt, when we are ‘with’ the pain in the moment that connection changes the sensation.

Having said all this, we are human, so we will go in and out of the moment. When we do find ourselves ‘elsewhere’ we can lovingly bring ourselves back. That is our human experience, being human and living as infinite spirit, what a ride!