2 minute Soul Connection Video

“The most powerful tool we have for learning to make miracles out of our desires is meditation. Meditation allows us to place our attention and intention in the more subtle planes, giving us access to all the unseen, untapped information and energy.”
~ Deepak Chopra

Building Community through Meditation

In acting as one, expressing our higher selves, we tap a source of empowerment and inspiration. Those who meditate together commonly report buoyancy that the group provides, carrying them further into meditation than they could travel alone.


Wonderful video…I get goosebumps whenever I hear your voice in a meditative state. It’s amazing how the energy also comes across so strong through the video. I felt instantly relaxed while I was at my desk, consumed by my work. ” D.M.

nicole med

Meditation IS Practicing Presence – Group meditation is sharing your presence

Meditation has been interpreted in many ways. The way I see it is; meditation is intense presence. There is no special technique you need to learn.
There are only new habits to incorporate into your life.
Learning to sit, walk or lay down with the intention of ‘going within’ for the purpose of connecting to the innate quiet within us is necessary.
Meditation is our natural state. Most children are in ‘meditation’ all the time.
They are in the moment; they are present to their environment and to their feelings.
Once you have established a regular practice, meaning you have allotted time everyday to connect to the moment. Then if you desire you can expand your practice with known techniques that were designed to take you even deeper or higher.

Being in the moment, living in the now is

THE most important habit to attain for inner peace.

When we are in the moment, we are connected to ‘all that is’, we are connected to our inner wisdom. We create in this moment, we love unconditionally in this moment and we are fully conscious in this moment. It’s important to remind yourself that you are here to experience being human. So you will have days when the ‘present’ moment escapes you, where you can get caught up in the mind chatter. But remember, those times when you are present to your humanness, will create a love for yourself that will increase your present moment awareness. It’s natural law.


Meditation is the doorway to the soul. We meditate to expand the unfolding of our own pure Consciousness, the inner state of luminosity, love, and wisdom that many traditions call the inner Self or the Heart. Only through meditation do we find lasting, divine peace. Meditation washes away negativity and removes impurities and tensions that cause suffering. Meditation makes us more skillful at everything we do.

Through meditation, our inner awareness expands and our understanding of inner and outer things becomes deeper. Meditation is the doorway to the spiritual heart.

Through meditation we earn spiritual awareness and merit. We attain one-pointedness and learn to seat the mind in the spiritual heart as we go about our daily lives. We move from emotions to feelings and from doing to Being.”
~ Bart Smit

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