Reiki is tuning into life. When we do a session, we plug into the silence, the still voice of spirit, sometimes there is communication on a mind level and sometimes there is communication on a cellular level and energetic level and on a spirit level. It’s sounds like silence from one perspective and in another perspective it sounds like all sounds, all knowing, all expansive and infinite life. Reiki turns the ‘power’ on and all we have to ‘do’ is allow it, so in other words ‘doing’ nothing, just being.” ~ Debra Harding


“How do I even begin to thank you for the AMAZING session today?  There were so many wonderful elements to our visit together, I feel like I will be absorbing it all for days.  You have such a tremendous gift, and you were so welcoming.  It was a transforming experience, and a real privilege to spend time with you. Many, many thanks.” D.F.


Intuitive Reiki Sessions with Channeling

These Reiki Sessions – provide messages from spirit which include decease loved ones, guides, angels and higher selves. At times past lives, or alternate realities are experienced for the purpose of connecting to the divinity that we all are.
I tune into the clients energy field and translate what I see, hear & feel.
A safe space of high frequency is created, so the client may relax deeply. In this relax state they are able to receive high vibrational energy for the purpose of clearing, shifting & healing.

A temporary Discount in effect for online sessions during this World Wide Retreat that we are experiencing. 

1 – 90 minute session $125 ( includes recording & 1/2 hour counselling) Now: $100

1- 60 minute session $90 Now -$65

1- 30 minute session  $60 Now $45

Mentoring Sessions – Introductory Price: $45 a hour

These sessions are usually for individuals who have had at least 3 sessions with me, and are looking for clarity and tools to move in the direction of their desires.

Spiritual Counselling

Is there something in your life you would like to get clarity on?

Do you need guidance with your meditation practice?

Through Reiki/channeling, meditation, chakra balancing, oracle cards & open high frequency dialogue, we will gain some insight together.

Temporary discount in effect for online spiritual guidance: $75 for a hour

Once session is scheduled you will be sent a Zoom invite, send email to;

Package; $540 for 6 hours (3X2 hour sessions) Follow up emails, for questions or further dialogue is included.

Individual Sessions; $100 per hour.


Today’s guidance and coaching session was exactly what I needed! I have felt so at peace, centered and grounded all day! It’s amazing when you find the strength in your own voice and get the confirmation for it. This is a life long journey that I am only a few years into, but you have assisted me so far in such a short time! I am forever thankful for all you have done and continue to do, for myself and all the souls you have touched! You are a light for so many! I can’t wait for our next session, it will be nothing short of amazing as always!”

~ A. Doyle


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Debra’s main focus in any kind of session, is for the recipient to receive clarity and healing energy.

With each and every session the recipient gets a ‘boost’, so they walk away feeling uplifted, clear and balanced.



90 minutes: $125

Payment sent via E-transfer or paypal prior to session

Skype name: debharding9


Reiki Certificate Classes

Level One Group: $230

Level Two Group: $290

1 on 1 Level One Class $280 – includes 1 hour session

1 on 1 Level Two Class $340 – includes 1 hour session

Master Class: $520 includes 1 hour session and full support


Buy 3 – 90 minute sessions for $325, that’s a $50 savings!!

Receive a 20% discount when you pay tuition for all 3 Reiki courses in advance


With each session to you are sent via email, the recording of your session, here is what one women said:

I have listened to it numerous times, and it makes me smile, laugh and cry, and feel really blessed. That day really turned a corner for me.  The session validated things I believed to be true, but wasn’t quite sure about.  Life is so much better now. ”

 Contact Debra;

6 thoughts on “Services

  1. Debra is a fantastic source of wisdom and support. From our first meet she engendered in me a strong propelling desire to stay strong on my path and keep my head up… without saying very much! Her presence is a perfect match for keeping me inspired and steadfast when I may have felt faltered. I highly recommend that those searching for a compassionate, truthful guide to help discover their own capabilities for creating their life in the way they desire pursue the support of Debra. Thanks so much!

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