The Essence of YOU


The Essence of YOU ~ A Channeling by Debra

We are so often pulled in the direction of peace and then it is intercepted by the ego/mind of the human experience. Even though we have come here for this exact experience we as humans want to push away the peace of stillness and flow.  So right here right now…breathe……………. feel the essence of your existence….the essence of your humanness the essence of the now. Breathe in the energy of love and breath out the energy of love….This in actually is your essence…love.

So now you may say….OK great…those are wonderful words, and in moments I can feel the truth of this, but here are 24 hours in a day… moment does not carry me through.

And so we say ….allow this moment to be timeless ….allow this moment to be so real to you that you know without doubt that every molecule of your being is penetrated by this loving peace. …So in the moments of forgetfulness it can be retrieved.

You are loved.


Love & The Law of Attraction

spring sunsetThis morning I woke up thinking about my good friend that passed a few years ago. She left this life with a huge cancerous tumor in her body, that thing grew fast and furious.

It came so clear to me this morning one reason why. I wasn’t actually thinking about the whys, as a matter of fact, it was my friend’s death that taught me to not ask why, and to trust that life has its flow.  I was lying in bed contemplating the Law of Attraction, which is something I do often. Then I had this epiphany. She talked about breast cancer, she bought and sold products to avoid breast cancer, she was writing a book about breast cancer, and I helped her make videos where she talked about breast cancer, she was passionate about it.

I have been ‘studying’ the Law of attraction for a few years now. Exploring and contemplating how it works and even wondering if it is real. I have learned that the Law of attraction is a ‘high’ law of the universe. There are many universal laws, gravity being one of them. But the Law of Attraction seems to be a ‘law’ all the time, unlike gravity. This law is about: like attracts like, what we think about most of the time we create. It’s about energy and frequency.

Everything is energy and has a frequency, even our thoughts. So, negative thoughts create negative energy and vice versa. Sounds simple and it really is. It’s our minds that are so full of crazy activity that we can’t possibly believe that a simple concept exists.

I see now that my friend didn’t understand this concept. She wanted to ‘fight’ the disease and anything associated with it. When I think about that, I see the amazing law in action. Wow, she truly brought this tumor into her being just by focusing on it.

What am I focusing on right now?

Life never ceases to amaze and fascinate me. And like anything else once we understand how it works it becomes easy.

Our thoughts create things. Whatever we think about we bring to us. That can be a very scary thought to some people because they are aware that they think negative thoughts allot. But remember this, it’s not just our thoughts, it’s our energy behind the thoughts our ‘vibration’. This is an important fact. When we understand the concept that we are not only our bodies and minds, we are spirit, an infinite being that never dies and we are here to experience physical form, then we can truly see that our thoughts are not in control of us. Thoughts are thoughts, not mine, not yours; they are simply thoughts-energy. They float around and sometimes we open to them and make them part of us. Our thoughts are not ‘our’ thoughts, they are simply thoughts. That really can give us a sense of freedom. The Buddhist concept of non-detachment helps with is, we have thoughts, but we can choose which ones we want to attach to, if any. It is completely up to us, we are very powerful beings with free will.

So taking all of this into the picture, we can change our thoughts into anything we want, we put a feeling to it and voila, we have created something consciously. It’s all about awareness. We can become aware of our thoughts and chose differently in every single moment.


Now the non-easy part.

Can we truly learn what we are thinking and then change it?

Of course.

Well, then do we want to change it? That’s a different question isn’t it. Do we want to feel good all the time and get what we truly want? Of course!…I think. What do I truly want? That is the BIG question. I believe that is the stumbling block here when we look at the law of attraction and try to apply it.

I’m a huge advocate of meditation, because though experience I have ‘seen’ the other part of life that isn’t seen with the physical eyes. Meditation and contemplation has taken me to places where I can feel the truth of life, a place where everything flows and makes sense in my heart. Do I meditate with regularity, no. Why? Well, sometimes I think that it’s because feeling good is not comfortable all the time. I have become accustomed to feeling not so good. When I interact with others, there are so many discussions on what is wrong, what feels bad, what we don’t want and on and on. So the question I ask myself is, how do I think about, talk about, vibe at the level of what I want and live in the world as I know it.

I don’t have the answers to these questions, however, I was talking to my 10 year old son the other day and I was telling him my thoughts on my life circumstance. He said something to me that really sunk in immediately, he said: “Mom, you always tell me not to care about what other people think of me”, “I said; yes that is true. It’s not your business what other people think of you”. He continued: “Well I’ve been watching and listening to you Mom, and it seems to me you do care what people think of you.” My whole body shivered, it does that when I hear truth. Ever since that conversation I have been watching myself, my thoughts and actions and I see where my thoughts and actions are coloured for the most part with my desire to please people. Wow.

So, back to the law of attraction and do I want to feel good all the time. Sometimes I compromise feeling good because I don’t want someone else to feel bad. Interesting huh? That would mean that I am assuming that that person will feel bad, and I am taking responsibility for their reaction and I don’t’ want to feel what I am assuming they are feeling. When I read this back it sounds so strange. Why would I care what someone else is going to feel? Do I care how others feel about what I say? yes, I think I do.

So here is another question, Can we be ourselves if we care what other people may or may not think? NO! Do children think about what other people think about what they say? No. They just say it.

In order to truly embrace our lives I feel we need to be ourselves at all times not matter what. When we do this we can then learn about how we think, we then can change our thoughts and start to feel good and then what we truly want will become clear. Now, we can truly create the life we want, with clear knowing of ourselves.

I have been on this spiritual path for over 30 years, and there are some things that I resonate with the most. We are having a human experience, so in reality whatever we do is simply what we do, there is no right and wrong in the big picture, it is simply experience. I feel when we chose to experience life consciously, then we find that only love is the truth. So connecting to that knowing within, helps me through anything that comes my way.  LOVE truly is all there is, it is the only law that is higher than the law of attraction from my perspective. When I look at the meaning of life and my role here, it is to be love.

With Reiki Love;



“The most important aspect of love is not in giving or the receiving: it’s in the being. When I need love from others, or need to give love to others, I’m caught in an unstable situation. Being in love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me.”
~ Ram Dass

If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations.”

~ Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

What Reiki is to me

Someone recently sent me an email asking what makes my Reiki Classes different, this is what came out:

For me Reiki is simply conscious Love. Every Reiki practitioner learns to channel life force and creates their own unique colour. I have a passion for it, because I have a passion for life. 

In raising my kids I realized early on that I was their example of how to be in this world. So it was up to me to be a happy and content person, if I wanted that for my kids. 
Reiki gave me that and more. 

Reiki teaches us to connect to life force energy, and with that the benefits are enormous. The Reiki journey takes us inward and expands our consciousness it reminds us who we are…..part of the whole, we are one with life….the universe is within. 

When I was younger I wanted to make the world a better place and know I see with ‘real-eyes’ …I realize that how I accomplish that is by loving me and being me. 

Every class I do is different, because every person is unique, each student brings their own flavour, and it’s always perfect. In the classes we laugh, we cry and we are amazed at the perfection of life. 

Anyone who is interested in learning Reiki needs to go within and choose the teacher that feels good to them, because the teacher they choose that way will give them exactly what they need. It’s a two way street, the teacher and the student have a cosmic contract so to speak. The more we can tune into our own essence the clearer our vision will be of who is to guide us. The teacher knows that they temporarily show the way, because the student is also a teacher. A good student is open and trusting…a good teacher listens and feels.

Ahhhh…well said if I do say so myself. 🙂

With Reiki Love;

Debra Harding






We Can Change our Past!

images (2)The other day I was listening to a friend who was going through a hard time. She was haunted by her past, feeling like she made bad choices and it made her unhappy in her life today.

I started to think about my past and how I am affected by it today. I had some unpleasant things happen to me but for the most part I am not affected by them anymore. Yes, they do show up on occasion, but this is where I’ve learned something important about the past; I can change it.

Think about this; what is the past? Is it real right now? In this moment….is there a past?

What I have learned over the years ( and am still learning) is that the ‘past’ is only a thought…’s all in the mind. Whatever happened, is only in your mind, it’s your mind that is still hurting you, not the other person or situation.

So if it is only in the mind we have full control over how we see it. That’s right, we have full control over what we think….I will say that again. We have full control over what we think. Of course it will take practice because for most of us, no body told us that when we grow up.

Example; we have a thought and it makes us feel bad; we have a choice in that moment, “do I want this bad feeling?” Let’s say the answer is no. Okay, so in that moment of acknowledging the bad feeling, acknowledging that you don’t want the bad feeling you have a choice…..change it. Yup in that moment change it, find a thought that feels good.

A personal experience: when I was very little I was sexually abused. For years I didn’t really remember, then I was put under hypnosis and there it was. I told people and they said: “that is awful, how horrible for you, you must be messed up”. For years I was angry and sad. One day I decided I didn’t like feeling bad, so I did things like meditated, and went to an Ashram where I discovered that I could focus on God/universe/love. Until I had an aha moment! This circumstance gave me the ability to love deeper, it gave me the ability to be more compassionate, it showed me my path in life….to help others. Wow,  I am so grateful for that event in my life!! I feel so blessed to be who I am today. There are so many people I have helped because of that event in my life.  Like magic I changed the past. I never feel angry or sad about it now. It’s completely different for me.

Remember one very important thing, you are not your mind! It is a part of you, a tool for you to use. You can put it away when you don’t need it and you can use it to it’s fullest when you do.  You are the driver!! pull over sometime and listen.

This life is awesome, when you want to see the awesomeness and it can suck when you want to see the suckiness, it’s your choice.

With Reiki Love;

Debra Harding

Present Moment Awareness

Often people say to me; ‘It’s all fine and dandy to love everyone, but what about when others have negative energy, I don’t want to take that on’. Over the years I have from time to time found that the energy of another has affected me in a negative way. However, as the years go by and I continue to expand and learn, I see that the more I am present this kind of thing doesn’t happen.

For instance, when I feel that someone’s energy has affected me, it’s in the moment. There is always a next moment, where I choose differently. What I often say in my classes is that love is stronger than fear or negativity. When we strengthen our love for ourselves, when we deepen our connection to source energy, there isn’t much that can affect us in a negative way. Yes, we will have our days when we are tired or feeling off. But again, when we practice present moment awareness, we can always move through it and into the next the moment.

How do we move through it?

Firstly, breathe….deeply and consciously, ‘see’ your breath come in from the earth through your feet all they way up to your crown on the inhalation. Then on the exhalation, feel/sense divine energy enter your crown and flow all the way through your body and down your legs into the earth. It’s amazing that something so simple can make such a big difference. After this exercise, you will have cleared anything you may have taken on, or drawn towards you. Ultimately, if we are in awareness all the time all energy will simply flow through us, this is our natural state.

If you find that other people affect you, ask yourself; what am I thinking? Is it truly their energy or mine?  Even though there are many of us that are sensitive and open, it doesn’t mean we have to protect ourselves from others. That is separation. We are moving into a new world where we embrace our oneness. Remember there are over 7 billion humans on this planet, but only one BEING. We are all connected. As a matter of fact all of life is interconnected. Everything you think and do affects life around you.

The next time you are dreading going into a meeting with someone who[m?] you have known in the past to be negative, change your mind, choose differently. In other words in that situation, instead of going into the repetitive wheel of your mind, decide that this time you will see the essence of the person, you will see ‘god’ in the other. With this in mind, you will be emanating life force and nothing is stronger than that!

Inspired Life

There are many of us who wish to be more inspired in this life, who wish they could access their intuition more often and more clearly. Some of the reasons we are not able to do this because we have unresolved resentments. Not being able to forgive ourselves or others can prevent us from a true connection to the present moment. This is what prevents us from hearing our inner voice clearly. 
Once we have made the decision to release any underlying fears, then we can see through the invisible walls. 
Life is ‘for giving’, to live life fully we give of ourselves and life gives back a thousand fold. We give our souls, who we are….all of it, ignoring the every present ego, that tells us ‘no’. Saying yes to life, no matter what it presents us, give us the freedom we long for. It also creates that strong connection to source energy and in turn connects us to our inner wisdom, our intuition. This is an inspired life.