When  I feel drawn to write about or talk about something, it comes from a place of personal experience. Continually exploring my world and how I see it, makes my life full and never dull. This little article is something I’ve been exploring in my life of late;

When I feel unloved….. I LOVE myself

When I feel lonely…….I LOVE myself

When I feel insecure…..I LOVE myself

When I feel sad…… mad, unforgiving, tired, judgmental, fat, addicted, needy, broke………

I LOVE myself.

Everything in this ever changing, world is energy; always moving; ALWAYS-EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS MOVING. Whether we can see it with our eyes or not. Today in this society we have scientists that tell us that that is fact, everything is always moving. So, we don’t even have to see it, we can trust that this is fact and let go of needing to control every little thing in our lives.

When we find that we are not feeling good, we can change that frequency, like changing the channel on the radio. LOVE is THE highest frequency there is. When we can find a way to love ourselves, love whatever we are feeling, love our situation and how we feel about it, everything changes to a higher vibration. When we are in a lower vibration, and choose to stay there, more of the same will come into our life.

LIFE IS CHANGE!! DEAL WITH IT; LOVE IT, and you will see a big change for the better in your life.

Our mind is not the boss of us, we are the ‘one’ that can watch a thought and choose which thought makes us feel better. Again, another fact. We have a choice in every second of every day.

Yes, we have busy chaotic lives, yes, this world seems crazy but it’s our world, it’s our home and once we can embrace it totally with LOVE, we will see a difference.

Just for fun; why not take the rest of the day to find love in your life, whether inside of you or outside of you. Everything you see; an animal is LOVE, a car that you LOVE catches your eye, someone wearing a coat that you just LOVE. The sunset, sunrise, the smell on a rainy day, the birds singing…..all LOVE!

Look for LOVE today, you will find it.

LOVE is a choice.

Unity World Peace Global Synchronized MedMob

Saturday, September 21, 2013 is International Day of Peace, I am organizing a medmob at the very same time thousands of people will be having a moment of peace. (12 pm midnight GMT – 8:00 pm Burlington, Ont. time)
 Where: Spencer Smith Park- 1400 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON ( behind Spencer’s Restaurant, near the Tall clock, at the Semi Circle of Rocks

We will sit in meditation with the intention of BEING peace for a Half Hour, then we will gather together to create a ‘sound bath’; After a half hour of silent meditation, we all come together for 11 minutes or longer. Meditators can use Om, Ong, God, Allah, Ma, Yeah, or any other sound or mantra, or drum, or rattle whatever resonates deeply within yourself. (This part of the MedMob is super fun, impactful, and sounds amazing!)

We all know of the experiments where groups meditated in cities and lowered crimes rates. With the current atrocities happening in Syria and other places in the world, the opportunity is to meditate as a Globe. Unifying our inner peace for a moment of World Peace, that will create a ripple of consciousness through every system of human creation. 

**September 21 at 8:00 may be cool and dark, so please dress accordingly and bring a flashlight if you wish. There are some street lights in that area. Also bring a chair or cushion for your comfort. 

Please share this post, I truly believe with all my heart that we can reach the ‘tipping point’; the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development.