What people are saying about Debra & her services

“During my session with Debra, she truly acted as a vessel in reconnecting me with my true self. Her reiki is a catalyst in providing clarity that allowed me the space to reunite with the truth that lies within me, and within us all as a collective. From the very beginning of the session, her presence provided a passive guidance and comfort that opened up my energy to the present moment so that I was able to delve deep and find acceptance in what is. I left that day feeling grounded in myself and as though a fog had been lifted. 

Afterwards, Debra provided me with the recording of the session and notes to look back on. She also gave excellent recommendations for meditations, breath work, chakra toning and other daily practices that are individually suited to me based on what came up in our session. These daily practices have worked wonders for me and bring me a state of peace and presence that I can tap into whenever I need clarity. Debra has gifted me with powerful resources to have at such a transformative stage in my life, and for that, I will always be grateful. ~Ashley H.


” When I first met Debra Harding, a series of stressful events in my life had been weighing heavily on my heart, and I was feeling sad and disconnected from my true self.  Conventional therapies were not helping, and I had begun a search for alternative healing practices.  I became intrigued by the practice of Reiki and its healing energy, so when I heard about Debra I immediately made an appointment.

The moment I stepped through her door, I knew I had found someone with very special gifts.  The calm, cozy environment was immediately soothing, and Debra’s welcome was warm and genuine.  

With decades of experience in the practice of Reiki, energy healing and meditation, as well as a true connection to the spirit realm, a sense of peace radiates from her.

The Reiki healing and channelling I experienced that day were life-changing.  Debra connected with my spirit guides, and the messages I received were incredibly profound.   A great release took place, which affected me both physically and spiritually.

At the end of my session, I felt an overwhelming gratitude, and I knew that I would want to participate in this practice on a regular basis.  My sense of balance had been restored, and my connection to my higher self was illuminated again.

Soon after, I had the opportunity to participate in a guided meditation with Debra.  The energy in the room was incredible, as each member of the group connected with their higher selves and communicated on the soul level.

Since that time I have had numerous sessions with Debra, for Reiki, energy healing, channelling and guided meditations, and each one has enriched my life.  She has taught me that peace is something that never leaves you.  It is available to you in every moment.  This knowledge has been an incredible gift.

I am now happily studying Intuitive Reiki under Debra’s spiritual guidance, which is opening me up to higher levels of consciousness.  I am forever grateful.   

I highly recommend you make a plan to spend some time with her.  Her generous spirit will envelope you, and I promise it will enhance every area of your life. “~Diane F.

“Debra has the ability to break down the aspects of Reiki in a meaningful, spiritual and practical sense for greater understanding and adaptability. She is a true example of the essence of Reiki. With her love of humanity and teaching, the message of love is felt within your entire being when in her presence. I feel blessed to have had such a kind, caring and knowledgeable Reiki Master. Debra does not only teach Reiki, she lives it.” ~Paula S.

 “Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the Reiki session with you. In the sacred space you created for me, I felt like I was in a peaceful, power-filled trance surrounded by love and light. Your undeniable compassion and healing energy was so power-full as you went on this journey “with” me. I especially appreciated your openness in communicating the messages from my SPIRIT GUIDES.    This experience has been a life -altering one.  I now feel “free”-er and more like the self I remember from  somewhere in time.  With your gentle guidance, I look forward to healing even more and becoming the best me I can be …..  not only for myself but for the highest good of all.” ~Cathy G.

“The love that Debra shares glows all around her and with everyone she meets. I did a reiki two with her and there was so much care and love put in to the planning and execution of the workshop. I liked her creative ideas of painting the symbols so they “stuck” easier. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone.” Sheila B.

My sessions with Debra have helped pull me in the right direction for my life. All of my experiences have left me feeling centered, highly motivated & peaceful. Debra’s knowledge of reiki is endless and she is constantly driven to learn more from as many resources as possible. I would highly recommend her services for anyone that would like to experience pure joy.” ~Haley S.

“Debra is a wonderful woman. She is a very gifted and guided individual, every time we meet she is able to provide me with comfort or wisdom that speaks to my current situation in life. Debra generously spends her time explaining the theory and practice of reiki. Our follow up session after the reiki course allowed me to ask any questions regarding reiki and be provided with thorough answers. The follow up session gave me confidence in my reiki practice.” Gillian B.

“Debra is an enlightened individual. Very positive and filled with love/light energy. Every time I am around her I feel tingling sensations in my crown and third eye as the spirits are telling me this is what I should be doing in life. She is very intuitive and always has very relevant things to say about what is going on in my life before I even mention it. She is a guided individual with the ability to channel spirits through the higher power. I love Debra and will continue to see her for the rest of my days! “- Brandon C.